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Edwin S. Richards Elementary
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Eagle News

Dear ESR Families, 

I am thrilled to be able to report that the 'Great & Glorious Literary Event' was a resounding success! The amount collected by yesterday afternoon was more than $5,800.00, and more is coming in next week! We are happy to support our PAC in raising money for an inclusive playground, and the event meshed so well with our arts based program. The book talks brought together literary arts, speech arts, and (in some cases drama). Thank you so much for your positive feedback and monetary support. What a  wonderful, inclusive community we learn and play in! 

It's hard to believe that we are so close to February! Many students are beginning Genius Hour projects, our Fiddle Club has started and Musical Theatre students  are rehearsing 'Follow That Rabbit'. Floor Hockey will soon be over and Volleyball is underway. In addition, our artists in residence, Boris Sichon and Triumph Acrobatics, will being working with students and teachers next month. Fasten your seatbelt! It will be Spring Break before  you know it!

Please remember that we are a scent-free building; some people (including students) have allergies to strong scents will may include strong deodorants, hair spray, and even some shampoos and conditioners. In particular, hand sanitizers can very very strong. Please look for scent free items when purchasing for your child. 

I would like to remind everyone about the importance of attendance at school. We know that children are most successful at school when they attend regularly. When new families come to our school, I always ask what it is about an arts based curriculum that appeals to them for their children. In addition, I explain that while attendance is important at all schools, it is critical at an arts school where artists in residence work with students to prepare for our Spring Celebration of Learning Through the Arts. For families who vacation during the school calendar months, an arts school may not be the best fit for their family. Our artists are booked to work with teachers and students from February until March, and students who miss extended amounts of school during those times miss out on the benefits of learning and embodying curricular concepts through drama, music, or movement. In addition, it will affect the extent to which students can participate in our Spring Celebration which is used by teachers for assessment when preparing report cards. In addition, extended absences will affect academic performance and will also be reflected in student report cards. Please remember that teachers do not provide homework for students who are vacationing and will not assess any work completed by students while they are away. In addition, vacation absences may affect your child's ability to participate in some extracurricular events and activities, such as Musical Theatre, Reading Link Challenge, etc. 

Please make sure that your children are coming to school with clothing that will keep them warm and dry over the next few months. All students are required to have indoor shoes at school and are expected to change their footwear every time they go in and/or outside. As the days become wetter and slippery sidewalks necessitate the use of road salt, our floors become dangerously slippery and the finish is destroyed. Please help us keep our school clean and safe by making sure your son/daughter has appropriate indoor footwear. 

I'm attaching the Empower Series poster to this week's news. Once again Mission Public Schools will deliver this informative sessions on how parents can support chidlrens' self-regulation and social and emotional development. Please see locations and times here: EMPOWER POSTER 2019-2020.pdf

Nuts and Nut Products - We have several students at ESR with life-threatening allergies to PEANUTS and TREE NUTS. Please, do not send any nuts to school, including Nutella and Peanut Butter. If your son/daughter eats any nut products before school, please have them wash their hands, face, and brush their teeth afterwards, and save those nut treats for after school. Bringing nut products to school can put a child's life at risk. Thank you for keeping our students safe and our school nut-free!

*Please note: If you are picking up your son/daughter early, please check in at the office and Miss Amy will call them to the lobby.*

* Please see the schedule below for our first week back:

January 2020 Calendar.pdf


Monday 27  Volleyball Practice 7:15 am

                    It's Monday; wear your spirit wear!

                    Little Learners - 8:45 - 9:30 am

Tuesday 28 Handbell Ensemble 


Wednesday 29  Volley Practice 7:15 am 

                         Booster Juice

                         Follow That Rabbit - 2:30 - 4:00 

 Thursday  30   Div. 7 Curling

                         Floor Hockey

                        Fiddle Club - 2:30 - 3:30

Friday 24   Div. 8,9,10,11, and Grade 2's from Div. 12 & 13 Swimming

                  Hot Lunch - Hot Dogs


 Remember that you can subscribe to our school calendar which can help keep you up to date on events and activities. You can find the calendar on the main page of our school website. 

From the Office

Changes in Bus drop off - If your son/daughter is to be dropped off at a different location, you must notify the bus garage, not the school office. Drivers can only operate on the information they have been provided with by our transportation office. 

 Early Pickup  If you are coming to the school before usual dismissal, please park and  come into the office. Miss Amy will page your son/daughter. It is unnecessary to call to let your children know you are in the parking lot - they will see you as you circle 'the loop' and will meet you. 

School Cash Online. We are not accepting cash/cheques in the office. If you need help signing on to the cash online system, please stop by the office. 

Absences. If your son/daughter will be away, please call and let Miss Amy know 604-826-2834 or email her at

Afternoon Pickup Please arrange play dates and pickup location with your child before school. End of day is a very busy time in the office - it may not be possible to get pickup messages to all students, so please make sure your child knows in advance where to meet you at the end of the day.

PAC News

We are very grateful for our dedicated PAC here at ESR for all the hard work they do to benefit students. There are many ways you can become involved. If you are able to assist the PAC in any way - hot lunch, fundraising, etc., please contact them via email at   If you have questions regarding any fundraisers, events, etc. that are sponsored by PAC please email them directly for a quicker response.

Thank you to those parents helping with hot lunch! We couldn't have hot lunches without volunteers, and we appreciate everyone who comes to help. 

You can also check out the  latest PAC news and events at  

General Information
Homestay Families Wanted 

Mission Public Schools International Program is accepting applications for nurturing homestay fammilies who want to proide a caring home for our elementary age students. Please clink the link below to apply online or you can emil kim.hunter@mpsd.caif you have any questions.