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Edwin S. Richards Elementary
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Eagle News

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dear ESR Families,​

We made it! It's been a roller coaster of a year, but here we are! β€‹This is the last Eagle News update for the year until late August, and there are just a few notes/reminders below. 

To our Grade 6 students - All the best to you in Middle School, and please stop by to say hello - we want to know how things are going for you :)

To students returning in September - have a fantastic break, and we look forward to seeing you soon :)

Theme: Our theme for next year is 'A Kaleidoscopic Literary Revue' - and it will be spectacular! Imagine literature and light together onstage - wow!

I would like to remind families to pay outstanding school fees as soon as possible. Unfortunately school cash online is finished for the year, but you can bring cash to the office until Thursday, July 8th. Thank you for supporting our students, our school, and our program. 

On behalf of all staff, I want to wish all of you a very happy, relaxing, and safe summer with tons of sunshine and good times. Some of us are finally taking advantage of the opportunity to travel, and some of us are looking forward to a few weeks of down time at home and a long staycation. Either way, have a wonderful break!

Best wishes,


Please remember that ESR is a nut-free zone - we have students who are severely allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, so items like Nutella can be dangerous for others. There are nut-free peanut butter and Nutella options out there for those who love a great PBJ or Nutella sandwich for lunch - I know I do! Thank you for helping us keep students safe :)

Remember that you can scroll down each week to see upcoming events. You can also subscribe to our school calendar. Important dates can be found on the district and school websites, the Eagle News, and the parent Facebook Page. You can also see the district calendar in your child's planner. 

Facebook - For those families who are new and who have access to Facebook, there is a page for ESR parents that you can join. The group posts relevant information and will update with the Eagle News as well as school district messages and other notices. You can request to join the group here:
Please remember that there is a $20.00 arts programming fee for each student which will be due by October 1st. This fee helps sustain our integrated arts program by supporting our artists-in-residence, arts training for teachers, and other aspects of our program. The fee will be payable through cash online. 

Staying Safe - β€‹Please, please, do not send your child to school sick. If they are fevered, headachy, or are having stomach pains, they should stay home. If your little ones have vomited the night before, they must stay home the next day. β€‹β€‹

​Important note! It is important to remember that students who are sick need to stay home. Stuffy nose, combined with fever and green nasal discharge (yuck!) are signs of infection and can spread at school. We have several students in our building who are immune-compromised who can become seriously ill when exposed to illness. If you child throws up at home, please keep them at home for an additional 24 hours until they are feeling well. 

We also have several students in our school who are severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. ESR is a nut-free zone and we appreciate your support and cooperation in saving snacks and foods that contain those items for after school. If you child eats peanut butter or other nut foods before school, please make sure their hands and faces are washed and free of traces of nuts. Some classrooms have students who are allergic to other substances and parents are asked to consider classroom allergies when sending lunches and snacks to school. In that case, you will receive a letter from the classroom teachers to let you know which food sensitivities may be an issue in your child's class. 

Best wishes,


* Remember that you can subscribe to our school calendar which can help keep you up to date on events and activities. You can find the calendar on the main page of our school website. 


From the Office

Early Pickup
If you are coming to the school before usual dismissal, please notify your child's teacher as well as the office in advance. Miss Amy will page your son/daughter and have them waiting inside the school at the front doors. Please pull up to the front of the school and we will send your child out to meet you.
School Cash Online
We are not accepting cash/cheques in the office. If you need help signing on to the School Cash online system, please stop by the Office. 


If your son/daughter will be away, please call and let Miss Amy know 604-826-2834 or email her at

Afternoon Pickup

Please arrange play dates and pickup location with your child before school. End of day is a very busy time in the office - it may not be possible to get pickup messages to all students, so please make sure your child knows in advance where to meet you at the end of the day.

Volunteer Photo.jpg

Criminal Record Checks are now done online.

Please go to the Parents (Tob Tab) & Volunteer Forms (Side Tab) to complete your Criminal Record Check (CRC remain effective for 5 years and there is no cost associated with the check).

PAC News

We are very grateful for our dedicated PAC here at ESR for all the hard work they do to benefit students. There are many ways you can become involved. If you are able to assist the PAC in any way - hot lunch, fundraising, etc., please contact them via email at   If you have questions regarding any fundraisers, events, etc. that are sponsored by PAC please email them directly for a quicker response.

Thank you to those parents helping with hot lunch! We couldn't have hot lunches without volunteers, and we appreciate everyone who comes to help. 

You can also check out the  latest PAC news and events at  

General Information
Homestay Families Wanted 

Mission Public Schools International Program is accepting applications for nurturing homestay families who want to provide a caring home for our elementary age students. Please clink the link below to apply online or you can email kim.hunter@mpsd.caif you have any questions.