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Edwin S. Richards Elementary
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Dear ESR Families,


This is not the welcome back message any of us had anticipated before spring break. The COVID19 virus has knocked the world off its axis, and we are waking up each day to a new reality. We have all been affected by the current situation; some of you are first responders, nurses, doctors, truck drivers, or small business owners. Some of you work in veterinary offices, the food industry, recreation, advertising, or entertainment…the list goes on and on…

You have cancelled travel plans, weddings, get-togethers, and play dates. There is a feeling of loss for things we were looking forward to, or have taken for granted for a long time. Please know that we at ESR are holding you in our hearts and thoughts right now, and we miss your children.

I have often said I’m humbled by the staff here at ESR – their dedication, commitment, and determination for student success. Now, as we prepare a plan for continuing learning, teachers are learning new platforms and a new way of planning and preparing learning activities for your children. I am again humbled and inspired by the amount of communication and preparation that is currently underway between teachers and all staff as we begin a new chapter of learning. While we know this will pass, there is still a sense of loss on many levels. I know children are missing their friends and teachers, and the many other activities and events we have here at ESR. Students would have been gearing up for Track & Field, we were working with our artists-in-residence toward our Spring Celebration, our Musical Theatre Production of Follow That Rabbit, the Grade 6 dinner, school field trips, the mountain biking club, and so many other things; sports, hot lunches, fiddle club, handbells, drawing club, student council, and the reading link challenge team that was to be moving on to the district level….all of those things and more that make ESR the vibrant learning community that it is.  I am sad too about those things, and feeling it myself. Having said that…..

This will pass, the school bells will ring, children will laugh and play on the playground, the parking lot will be full, and the chatter of young voices will be in our hallways and classrooms again…just not yet.

In the meantime….

We are busy planning for continuity of learning for your children. Teachers are collaborating daily and will be contacting you and your child(ren) this week to touch base and collect contact information and to find out what kind of technology is available for students at this time. You can expect to receive learning activities from teachers on Mondays that will amount to approximately 60 minutes of work per day for primary students, and 90 minutes for intermediate students. We will also send links to various educational resources that students and parents can access. While our primary focus for continuity of learning is on literacy and numeracy, teachers are continuing to plan for other, engaging learning opportunities; for example, different themes, and science and social studies activities. Rather than using Jump Math to guide our numeracy program at this time, you can expect math activities which, while based on curricular concepts, will be presented in other forms with materials you likely have on hand and will, when possible, be real life math applications.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters. I will be in touch with you again, and if you have not yet heard from your child’s teacher you will by the end of this week. I truly hope you are all well. Stay healthy - we will get through this together.

Sincerely and with the best of wishes,


 Remember that you can subscribe to our school calendar which can help keep you up to date on events and activities. You can find the calendar on the main page of our school website. 

From the Office

Changes in Bus drop off - If your son/daughter is to be dropped off at a different location, you must notify the bus garage, not the school office. Drivers can only operate on the information they have been provided with by our transportation office. 

 Early Pickup  If you are coming to the school before usual dismissal, please park and  come into the office. Miss Amy will page your son/daughter. It is unnecessary to call to let your children know you are in the parking lot - they will see you as you circle 'the loop' and will meet you. 

School Cash Online. We are not accepting cash/cheques in the office. If you need help signing on to the cash online system, please stop by the office. 

Absences. If your son/daughter will be away, please call and let Miss Amy know 604-826-2834 or email her at

Afternoon Pickup Please arrange play dates and pickup location with your child before school. End of day is a very busy time in the office - it may not be possible to get pickup messages to all students, so please make sure your child knows in advance where to meet you at the end of the day.

PAC News

We are very grateful for our dedicated PAC here at ESR for all the hard work they do to benefit students. There are many ways you can become involved. If you are able to assist the PAC in any way - hot lunch, fundraising, etc., please contact them via email at   If you have questions regarding any fundraisers, events, etc. that are sponsored by PAC please email them directly for a quicker response.

Thank you to those parents helping with hot lunch! We couldn't have hot lunches without volunteers, and we appreciate everyone who comes to help. 

You can also check out the  latest PAC news and events at  

General Information
Homestay Families Wanted 

Mission Public Schools International Program is accepting applications for nurturing homestay fammilies who want to proide a caring home for our elementary age students. Please clink the link below to apply online or you can emil kim.hunter@mpsd.caif you have any questions.